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Meet Carolyn

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Carolyn Desprez began her journey into skincare back in 2016 when she enrolled in the aromatherapy certification program through Aromahead Institute. There she feel in love with learning and experimenting with essential oils, carrier oils and butters.

In 2017 she founded Folk's Natural Living on the premise that aromatherapy and skincare should be for everyone. In the beginning, we focused on creating affordable high quality aromatherapy products. We have since moved into creating educational content for aromatherapy and skincare.


Carolyn went on to study Organic Skincare Formulation at Formula Botanica, earning her diploma in 2019. She began writing articles for aromatherapy magazines and teaching classes through Piedmont Hospital's program: The Dottie Fuqua Women’s Heart Support Network. (Click to view their website) As well as visiting local schools and teaching students about aromatherapy on their Career Day. Teaching is a core concept in our mission to providing aromatherapy and skincare to everyone. Check out our blog and instagram @folksnaturalliving for great free resources!

In 2020, she decided to take her education to the next level and enrolled in the Atlanta School of Aesthetics. By November of 2021 she was officially a Licensed Esthetician and a Licensed Assistant Laser Practitioner.

Now she spends her days working at a Medical Spa, teaching aromatherapy classes, making products, and offering services to her clients. Learn more about the services she offers here.