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Zen Master Aromatherapy Roller Blend
Awaken Aromatherapy Roller Blend
Meditation Aromatherapy Roller Blend

Aromatherapy Roller Blends - Three Pack

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Delight Your Senses

Pure & Sustainably Sourced Essential Oils in Organic Jojoba Oil

Try all three Roller Ball Blends and save $5:

  1. Zen Master - Anxiety & Stress Relief

  2. Meditation - Calm & Quiet, Stress Relief

  3. Awaken - Energize & Enliven


Zen Master-Sweet floral with uplifting citrus and herbaceous nuances

Meditation- Exotic floral with spicy and resinous nuances

Awaken-Potent camphoraceous notes with minty nuances and subtle lavender


Zen Master- Calming and Uplifting
Meditation- Focusing, Calming, Grounding
Awaken- Stimulating, Uplifting, and Energizing
How to Use
Roll onto neck, temples, and wrists. Lift wrists to nose and inhale deeply. Reapply as often as needed.