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How to Dilute Essential Oils

Let's talk about diluting essential oils for topical use. Its one of the first things you should learn before working with essential oils. I have created a video to help explain dilution rates and explained the factors influencing dilution rates below.

# 1 Rule: Always dilute your essential oils for topical application

Simple Dilution Guidelines:
1oz Carrier Oil
1% = 9 drops of essential oil
2%= 18 drops of essential oil
2oz Carrier Oil
1%= 18 drops of essential oil
2%= 36 drops of essential oil
Factors Influencing Dilution Rates:
Age- Children and elderly people need a smaller dilution percentage
Pregnancy- Those who are pregnant or breast feeding need a smaller dilution percentage
Immunity- People how have a weakened immune system need smaller dilution percentages
Application Area- Applying oils to sensitive areas such as the face, or areas with a lot of hair such as the scalp need a small dilution percentage because of increase absorption
Essential Oil Safety Profile- Know the safety concerns and specific dilution rates for that oil before applying essential oils to your skin
Skin Sensitivity- People who have skin diseases either need a higher or lower dilution rate depending on the skin issues, make sure to talk with a Certified Aromatherapist to find the best options for you
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